Commercial Generators

Imagine a severe storm is forecasted for your area. The first thought to enter your mind is “Bring it on… I’ve got back-up”. Not surprisingly, that is the typical response of a business owner who has invested in one of our automatic standby generator installations. The business owner has become worry-free of a power outage and its negative impact on revenue and operations including:

  • Flooding
  • Loss of inventory due to spoilage and other factors.
  • Losses due to the interruption of critical manufacturing processes.
  • Lost business data, both its storage and retrieval.
  • Loss of communications (telephone and internet) with customers, employees and other branches.
  • Unproductive employees returning home.
  • Frozen pipes caused by a loss of heating.
  • Loss of heating or cooling, rendering an office uninhabitable.
  • Loss of lighting – inside and outside.
  • The security and function of your entire facility is comprised.

Let us assist you in identifying your essential operations and design a system to meet your operational needs and budget. Here’s what you can expect with our free consultation:

  1. We will schedule a convenient consultation at your office.
  2. We will present and explain the generator operation, permit requirements, Nicor requirements, maintenance and warranty.
  3. We will determine a generator location that meets local codes, and is facility and neighbor friendly.
  4. Along with your input, we will determine the best routing for the gas piping and electric conduit connecting to the generator.
  5. We will design a complete generator system to meet your needs and budget. We will offer more than one system size or location, as appropriate.
  6. We will explain and offer relevant options and accessories for your consideration.
  7. We will provide a detailed proposal, which upon acceptance becomes our promise to you.
  8. At all times, we will respect your facility and choices.

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